A Beauty's Plan (2024) Episode 24 English Subbed

A Beauty's Plan (2024)

It tells the story of the current Queen Wang Yunci who was murdered. After falling into the water, she was reborn with an ancient jade pendant and had a new identity - Princess Duan Jiang Jinli. His birthday turned into his death anniversary, and his brother-in-law turned into his husband. When he mistakenly thought that Prince Duan was plotting against him and killed him, he decided to take revenge. He repeatedly felt the care and protection of "Prince Duan" for him, so they seemed to be two people with their own concerns. From using each other to giving sincerity, the story of fulfilling each other’s long-cherished wishes and gaining love at the same time.

Adapted from the web novel "Mou Ni" (谋逆) by Zhao Mian Mian (赵眠眠).

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Episodes: 24

Duration: 13 min.

Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Ratings: 7.0

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