Dream City (2024) Episode 4 English Subbed

Dream City (2024)

A capital game of foreign-funded data enterprises in Jiangnan City shattered the dream of super code farmer Luo Chengyu Technology to reach the top. He couldn't bear the technology monopoly and interest exploitation of foreign-funded enterprises, and had conflicts with Chu Ange and Maison, the airborne executives of the parent company. Luo Chengyu ignored the opposition of his girlfriend Jiang Yifei, and led the team to resign collectively and start his own business. On the road to entrepreneurship, he encountered the siege of business opponents, the betrayal of his brother and girlfriend, and the old enemy Chu Ange killed, knew and fell in love

Tags: Workplace Setting, City Setting (Vote or add tags)

Episodes: 40

Duration: 45 min.

Country: China

Airs On: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Aired: Jul 9, 2024 - ?

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

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