Fate of Broom Star and Lucky Star (2023) Episode 24 English Subbed

Fate of Broom Star and Lucky Star (2023)
Ye Ke Le, an unlucky person, operates a tea shop in Wanle City that his father left him. Unexpectedly, he becomes entangled in a mysterious murder case involving a strange perfume. To assist in the investigation, he becomes a patrol guard, unintentionally turning into a spy. Bizarre events continue to occur, and the clues become increasingly convoluted. He meets a Japanese girl named Ruo Ye and, based on Japanese spice clues, deduces to Princess Qi. Ye Ke Le falls in love with Princess Qi at first sight. To clear his name and find Princess Qi, he uses his sensitive nose to search for clues. The clues were missed due to a broken river bank. He then traces it back to Jiu Ruo Shui and Lan Qing Yue using wine and on-site evidence. Lan Qing Yue is silenced, Jiu Ruo Shui awakens, rebels against the true instigator, and with the accidental guidance of Xiao Qi and the help of Ruo Ye, they discover that the mastermind behind it all is an insider from the royal palace.

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