Kanzo wo Ubawareta Tsuma (2024) Episode 13 English Subbed

Kanzo wo Ubawareta Tsuma (2024)

Yuka, who lost her father when she was young and was raised by her mother alone, receives all of her mother's love and grows up to be a devoted, energetic, and kind child. Yuka's dream is to build a happy family. Yuka is attracted to Nakamura Kosei, who grew up in similar circumstances to her and is devoted to his family, and begins dating him.

Then, her mother takes her last breath, and Yuka, who is left alone for the rest of her life, marries Kosei. She comes forward to become a liver transplant donor for Kosei's mother, Seiko. However, it was all a sham marriage for an organ transplant to her mother-in-law. She learns that she was deceived and is forced to divorce, but she becomes pregnant with Kosei's child, and after much trouble, she gives birth and decides to raise him alone.

Then, one day, five years have passed since her liver was taken away, and she meets Kosei by chance... She feels resentment towards Kosei and his family for insulting her late mother and her beloved son and is overflowing with anger so she decides to take revenge on her Nakamura family.

(Source: Japanese = NTV)

Adapted from the web manga "Kanzo wo Ubawareta Tsuma" (肝臓を奪われた妻) written by JYUN and illustrated by Mana.

Episodes: 10

Duration: 30 min.

Airs On: Wednesday

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